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Welcome! I’m Jaimee Choi. I live to eat and will try anything at least once. (Andrew Zimmern– watch out!) I am a graduate of University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Hospitality Management. In June 2015 I put my career on hold to pursue education in the form of traveling the world. I quit my management position with one of the biggest Celebrity Chefs in Las Vegas and two days after my last I found myself on a plane to Singapore.

I believe in following your heart and your stomach! I believe we are the creators of our destiny. I believe life is too short to entertain negative thoughts. I believe this world is a small one and now is always the time to explore it!

Life is beautiful.


Want to work with me? Contact me at wandergluttony@gmail.com

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    1. Hello, I’m in Milan today! Apparently it was a holiday over the weekend so a lot of things are still closed today. Working on some content for the blog now, but hope to explore later today and see some life! Haha. Hope all is well with you!

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