Sunday Surfin’ 10.25.15

Sunday Surfin in preparation for Halloween. No, my costume is not a Chef.
I don’t just eat, I cook sometimes too!
Moments that make me realize I’m becoming a functioning adult really freak me out. This past weekend I drove out to Beverly Hills to be put up in a hotel and put through an intensive working interview. I find myself to be enthused about being able to get back to work especially in a restaurant environment I’d seem to enjoy. To believe I’d give up funemployment this easily though— shocking.

It was also around this time when I realized Halloween is literally around the corner and I have no idea what I’ll be. This might not seem like a big deal, but believe me that it is. Halloween has consistently been in my top 3 favorite holidays growing up. This is also a mildly interesting fact when you consider I’m no Marty McFly and boastfully call myself a chicken when it comes to frights. I love Halloween, but I will use you as a body shield and might just close my eyes through half of the Haunted House.

As a kid my Halloween costume (always homemade) was usually planned out a good 2 or 3 months in advance. I’d conceptualize that this year I was going to be a Death Eater or part of the Foster Farms Chickens duo. Going through college this became even more of an ordeal as Halloween became a 3-night event which it would be tragic to repeat a costume. I don’t know how Halloween snuck (S/N: okay can we please replace the word ‘sneaked’ with ‘snuck’? I’m all for keeping English proper, but there are some times it just doesn’t sound right.) up on me so quickly, but this whole year has just gone by too fast. Time is getting away from me. I think I’m getting old.

Cheesecake eyeballs can see your future. Yes, these will go straight to your hips. Yes, they're worth it.
If only 7-year-old me could see 23-year-old me now.
So this is my struggle this week. In an attempt to spread some holiday cheer I’ve been doing some research.

    • I find myself to be the scariest thing I could think of this Halloween— an adult. And adults don’t show to parties empty handed. I’m always a fan of deviled eggs and love the spin on these guys.  But those won’t necessarily satisfy my sweet tooth as well as this ghoulish looking cheesecake eyeballs!
    • Of course, perks of being an adult means always finding an excuse for fun new cocktails. Definitely digging this Witch’s Brew especially as I’ve always wanted to try Viniq.
    • But Halloween is definitely better suited for the children in us. And frankly, since I have an overactive imagination and can’t handle too many scary movies I’m requesting a movie marathon night of the true classics. Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and Nightmare Before Christmas anyone?

  • Angelenos always flock to Candy Cane Lane for Christmas, but the next big thing is Halloween and this house in Riverside. I’m amazed every year at the spooktacular lighting effects he’s able to accomplish in perfect sync. It’s a great 4 minute watch to get you in the Halloween Spirit.

How do you get into Halloween? Do you know what costume you’ll choose this year? (I promise not to blatantly rip off your ideas! Only sneakily rip them off. Or is it snuckily?)

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