Sunday Surfin’ 11.8.15

Sunday Surfin' Tarot

Another whirlwind week. And the end of an era. Alright, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but this past week I bid adieu to my home for the past 5 years. As it would happen, I’ve been offered a restaurant management position in Beverly Hills which means the dreaded Millenial moment of moving back in with your parents. I’m excited to have a new project and way of life to look forward to, but saying goodbyes is never easy.

I am incredibly grateful to have the support system I’ve found in my Las Vegas knit. I’m also grateful that I live in the 21st century where a relocation doesn’t mean a revamp in friendship. Still, it was nice to have a couple of days dedicated to spending time with my friends and sisters in a town that has changed me into the person I am today.

This is the SportsCenter version of my friends, a few highlights.
This is the SportsCenter version of my friends, a few highlights.

I had a great Thursday cooking for my friends and having a low-key, kumbaya night in. We ate and drank and chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. Since I am in the middle of the throes of packing, I had a plethora of nonsense belongings strewn on the living room floor. One such item that was found was my tarot deck. We went through doing three card readings for each of my friends, all of which eerily seemed to connect to something deeper in our lives. I love my friends for being the type that wouldn’t find me totally weird for having tarot cards. Though now that this is written I’m sure I’ll get a response or two that they do actually find me totally weird. Whatever, I embrace it.

Friday was much less zen and much more true to Las Vegas fashion with shenanigans downtown. The weather has finally turned in the desert dropping night temps to much lower than I’m comfortable with. This sent most of my friends to cuddle around a campfire at one of my favorite downtown bars. I’ve heard that a certain MTV show is being taped here, but have yet to see any affects besides an influx of tourists. I know it’s silly to complain about tourists in a touristy area in a tourist town, but that’s kinda why I liked that bar. Besides, I guess this is no longer an issue in my life.

What happens in Vegas better not stay in Vegas... I need some of this stuff!
LPT: To be an efficient packer, be an organized person, always! And maybe just live out of boxes, yeah it’ll be worth it.

Saturday’s mood was much heavier. As my former roommate Courtney, great friend Tasia, and I sat in a nearby cafe for breakfast, I realized how much I was going to miss mornings with people who were such a part of me. My heart was heavy looking toward the beautiful desert skyline while being silently judged by a mean waitress. I don’t know what kind of waitress at a breakfast place judges 20-something year olds on a Saturday especially because I thought we were reasonably put together. Reasonably.

I procrastinated after breakfast (Which I ate a chicken wrap, by the way. Told you I’m not a breakfast person.) packing and repacking the car to see if I could get everything to fit. Even with expert help from Courtney, I’m still no good at packing Tetris. Driving away from my house with a car packed to the brim, it just started to sink in how much I’m going to miss the life I was leaving in Las Vegas.

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