Sunday Surfin’ 9.20.15

Sunday Surfin with links

All calendars should start with Sunday. That’s how my mind has been trained to recognize calendars. Yet my mind also sees Monday as the start of the new week. So what is Sunday? The beginning or the end? For me Sundays wind up being days of reflection for the previous week, but also stir up drive for the week to come. Somehow though I always go to bed with more motivation on a Sunday night than I wake up with on a Monday morning. Hm…

Anyways, if you read my blog chronologically you will realize it’s not chronological at all. Sorta like Star Wars or Slaughterhouse Five. If you can’t quite follow my timeline, know that Sundays at wandergluttony will reflect Sundays in my life’s real time. A time for me to pop in and say, “Hello! This is what I’ve been up to this week.”

  • Is Sunday a Sunday if you don’t have breakfast? This morning the roomie and I went to Rise & Shine, a cute local place where the waiters are still in their PJ’s and you get freshly baked bread in a teacup or flower pot.
  • I’ve been back in Vegas for a whole week now, desperately wanting to plan my next adventure which feasibly seems like a US road trip. Would be fun to turn it into a foodie adventure.
  • Also stumbled upon this article about Golden Rice, a GMO crop that could help reduce Vitamin A Deficiencies in countries where rice is the main staple of the local diet. Apparently this has been in the makings a while now, but definitely shows the less popular positive side of GMO foods.
  • The weather is still quite warm here… Okay, it’s hot! But given the green light by Starbucks, it’s officially pumpkin-spiced everything season. And I mean everything. Check out this super creative use of pumpkin as an addition to hummus! As an admitted hummus addict, you know I’ll be trying out this recipe soon.
  • Personally not much of a gin drinker as I’m usually more inclined to the dark stuff. But that doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly intrigued by the Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur everyone is buzzing about. Someone just tell me what’s making the Unicorns cry!
Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur
It’s so beautiful even I could cry!

Hoping this week to flesh out a calendar for the blog to get some sort normalcy settled for the website and my life. Meanwhile I might end my Sunday with a refreshing beverage. What’s your go-to drink of choice? Let me know in the comments and I could do my next post on it!

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